Thursday, August 30, 2012


Platamona is commonly called the beach of Sassaresi (people from Sassari). Actually it's not a simple beach, but a huge coastal area. In the '50s and '60's it was quite a lively spot with concerts, night life and tourist resorts. Nowadays it's not fancy anymore, and it's considered  the beach where people from Sassari and the surroundings splash when they don't have lot of time and don't want to go to more fancy beaches (like in Alghero).
Actually the quality of the water is not bad, but because of so many beautiful beaches in the surroundings, Platamona has always been considered a 2nd class spot.
Anyway it's possible to reach Platamona by urban bus (takes around 15-20 minutes), and if you're up to, we can even have a walk in the pine tree forests in the area. There's also a little lagoon (called Pilo's pond!) where we can practise birdwatching.
Platamona is the perfect place for spending few hours in front of the sea without going too far.

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