Friday, August 31, 2012


Around 1000 years B.C in Sardinia there was a civilization which used to build big and perfect fortresses of stones and rocks (just stones and rocks one over the other without any type of cement).
Some of them were extremely big, and around these buildings, called Nuraghi (Nuraghe is the singular), some villages flourished.
Inside the Nuraghe there were tunnels, rooms for praying (this civilization left lot of little statues of warriors and of  a pregnant woman symbolizing Mother Earth, that was their religion), for the old men council and many other things.
The complex located in Barumini, in Southern Sardinia  was under the ground until a Sardinian archeologist discovered it in the '50.
In 1997 was considered World Heritage by Unesco.
I've never been there, but who went there said it's a magic place.

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