Thursday, August 30, 2012


Castelsardo is a tiny town 30 Km far from Sassari, located in the north-western coast. Here just 5000 people live, mostly elder.
The downhill part is lovely, there is a little touristic harbour and some little cafes where old men read the newspapers and drink coffee. Typical mediterranean atmosphere.
But if you're up to walk uphill to the rock, you'll find yourself in the old centre, a little medieval pearl. Like in the real medieval cities, streets are steepy and narrow, but I guess Porto was a good training.
There's also a fortress, that offers you a wonderful view of the sea, but you can have a great view also from other parts of the cittadella.
In the old centre life is slow, you can find old ladies knitting in the street in front of their house and fishermen mending their nets.
From the castle there's an access to the sea, used in the past to get supplies when the city was under siege.
Nowadays this part is amazing: lot of grass in the middle of big rocks facing the sea and noisy seagulls will make this place perfect for a picnic or a little nap.
Castelsardo has been awarded as one of the best restored medieval  towns of Italy.

We could go there by bus for a day excursion, it takes an hour and on the way you have a great view of the north-western coast.

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  1. this place looks so amazing! I can't wait to see it! :D